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I’m a published fiction author (or I’m writing a novel) but I don’t have a blog. I keep hearing that authors need a blog to build readership and sell books.

While it's a good idea for fiction authors to have visibility outside of the pages of their books, blogs typically don't work well for them. Why? Blogs exist because the blogger has a solution to a problem the reader faces. They offer advice, guidance, tips, products or services the help the reader solve the problem.…

Do I still get the Scale Workshop?

Yes! If you sign up for Freedom Machine after watching the replay you'll still receive the Scale Workshop.

What is the Guest Blogging Certification Program?

The Guest Blogging Certification Program, our debut online course, was the first course on guest posting anywhere and contributed to the explosion and acceptance of guest posting over the last eight years. Updated frequently, it is a master course on getting your writing published on target blogs to establish your cr…

I just bought your Writing Machine mini-course. Should I buy Freedom Machine?

Become a Writing Machine is a Serious Bloggers Only mini-course that teaches you how to block out distractions and train yourself to write fast. This mini-course doesn't include anything about building a blog, content frameworks, outreach or monetization. It could be useful to have when you're writing posts on a regu…

What is Serious Bloggers Only?

Serious Bloggers Only, our membership program, is a slower-paced, DIY program teaching you all the facets of building a blog with a library of 33 mini- courses, numerous case studies and masterclasses with experts. It doesn't include the hands-on help you get from our instructors in Freedom Machine. There is little o…

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