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What is Serious Bloggers Only?

Serious Bloggers Only, our membership program, is a slower-paced, DIY program teaching you all the facets of building a blog with a library of 33 mini- courses, numerous case studies and masterclasses with experts. It doesn't include the hands-on help you get from our instructors in Freedom Machine. There is little o…

How do I log in / How do I find the course I purchased?

Hi! If you're having trouble logging into your Serious Bloggers Only course or having some trouble locating the mini-course you purchased we can help! We've created a short video to get you logged in and help you find your course below. We hope it's helpful for you!

Should I subscribe to Serious Bloggers Only or Guest Blogging?

Well, that depends... Serious Bloggers Only is designed to help take your blog to the next step through building a successful following. There are mini-courses, a forum, and a private Facebook group included in your membership. In addition, there are also bi-monthly "Office Hours" calls or SBO workshops led by Marsha…

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