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What is the difference between Writers Recipe Box and Guest Blogging?
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Hey there! Great question!
Writers Recipe Box provides 12 foundational lessons together with 12 detailed "recipes" for different post types. Support is provided via a Facebook group and monthly workshops (one per recipe.)
Writers Recipe Box is probably best for people who are already competent writers but want to raise their game by writing more effective posts using specific post types that are proven to be successful. Also, the Facebook Group is great for people that want to network with other ambitious writers.
The Guest Blogging Certification Course is probably best for less experienced writers who are specifically interested in writing for popular blogs and want to learn the fundamentals to do that.
The Guest Blogging course is a self-study course but we do have monthly QA calls that help if you're stuck or need some additional advice. The course is broke down into modules and units so that you can learn the craft by taking small bites. Another great feature is that it is self-paced.  
Both are excellent programs and well received by our students.
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