English is not my native language. Can I still benefit from your courses?

Although blogging is gaining popularity in other languages, and we believe our teachings can be transferred to any language, our classes are taught in English. The Big Black Book of editors and contacts are also associated with English speaking blogs and online magazines.

If you speak and write English fluently and are planning on blogging in English you should have no problems with our courses. If you speak another language and are planning on blogging in that language, you can still benefit from the lessons but you will not have the resources for contacts and tools that we provide for the English speaking blogs.

The bottom line is that the courses are not designed for other languages but if you decide to move forward and blog in your native tongue, the underlying lessons for marketing and list building should be close to our teaching. But, you will need to do the ground work to find suitable blogs in your language to apply those teachings.

Jon does recommend students who take our courses blog in English.

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  • 16-Jan-2019