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Should I subscribe to Serious Bloggers Only or Guest Blogging?
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Well, that depends...

Serious Bloggers Only is designed to help take your blog to the next step through building a successful following. There are mini-courses, a forum, and a private Facebook group included in your membership. In addition, there are also bi-monthly "Office Hours" calls or SBO workshops led by Marsha. Jon even stops by for a session on occasion. SBO is packed with a lot of information so no matter what stage you are at with your blog you can find help in SBO.

We also offer Guest Blogging. The Guest Blogging programs are designed to help identify your audience, your niche, and make influential friends that can help you build your blog along the way. We cover how to pitch your ideas to popular blogs and of course, submitting a guest post that will knock their socks off. Guest posting allows you to drive traffic back to your own blog so that your list builds faster.

Where SBO covers many areas, guest blogging is a chef's school for perfecting the craft of guest posting.

Which is best for you? Only you can answer that depending on where you are in your blog journey. If you already have a following of 1000 subscribers then continued growth would be best suited in SBO. If you are still building the list, then both programs are suitable.

For new bloggers, we suggest beginning with SBO and then once your website is ready for subscribers, begin guest posting by adding the Guest Blogging program. We often run specials with both programs and both come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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