I am a Writer Recipe Box Student and I have a Question

We're happy to hear that working through the program is provoking questions. We want to give you an easy way to ask and be answered so we've created two ways.

If you are a member of Writers Recipe Box and have a question, you can either

1. ask at the help desk (here) or

2. ask in the Member Only Facebook Group.

We think the Facebook group is the better option because you'll get multiple answers and thought-provoking conversations between peers. This creates a great way to learn and grow as a writer. 

Also, the Facebook group has staff popping in and out regularly that would be happy to answer your question. You will find some pretty smart members in there as well. They are happy to lend a hand.

If you didn't already join the group you can refer to your welcome email for the link or ask at the help desk. Since the Facebook Group is a closed group for members only we cannot post the link publicly.

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  • 13-Jan-2017