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How Do I Join the Facebook Group for Serious Bloggers Only?
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It's a secret group so you can only join if you are a member of Serious Bloggers Only. 

Because the group is hidden you can’t find it by searching on Facebook and we can’t give you a link to join the group. But here's how you can get inside.

  • Hit “reply” to the welcome email you received after registering and add the email address you use for Facebook at the top of your response.
  • If the email you use for Facebook is the same as the email we’ve sent this email to, type “same.”

Then watch your email inbox for an invitation to the Facebook group from SBO Community Manager Marsha Stopa. (It may take around 48 hours. ) You can click the link right inside the email to join the Facebook group. It will look like this:


You’ll see this notice inside your Facebook account:


After you accept the invitation you’ll see this confirmation inside Facebook and the group in your left sidebar:


Once you’ve accepted the invitation, jump into the group and tell us why you got into blogging. (Be sure to include the hashtag #introduction at the end of your post.) 

If you didn't receive a welcome email from SeriousBloggersOnly, click here to submit a ticket to the help desk. We'll get ya inside!


Not what you were looking for?  Click here to submit a ticket to the help desk

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