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How does your automatic billing work? Do I need to do anything else?
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Great question! 


Once you sign up for a course or join Serious Bloggers Only you can focus on learning and interacting with other students and Marsha and we will handle the billing automatically.


Our billing cycle is every 30-days from the day you joined. So if you joined on April 15, you will automatically be charged the next month on May 15. Depending on your subscription plan, you will only be billed until your account is paid in full. Once you're paid up the subscription stops and you won't pay anything more. 


Guest Blogging, Writers Recipe Box, and Blog Traffic Blueprint have lifetime memberships so once you've paid in full you can continue to enjoy the course and come back anytime you need a refresher.


At this time, the only program that we have without an automatic stop date is our Serious Bloggers Only membership. You will be charged every month for an SBO membership unless you cancel the membership (which would be a shame because we would miss you!)


We don't automatically send invoices each month, but if you would like one sent to you just holler at us here and we will set that up for you. 


Also, we understand that sometimes you want to change credit cards that are automatically billed. If you want to change your card we make it simple. Just fill out this form and we will take care of the rest!


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