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How do I cancel my Serious Bloggers Only (SBO) account?
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Say it isn't so! We don't want to see you go!


We do understand though that sometimes life gets in the way and keeping an ongoing membership to SBO, no matter how awesome it is, isn't always best for you.


We try to make cancellation easy so... if you would like to cancel your SBO account you can find a link to cancel in SBO under the "account" tab.  The cancel link is found near the bottom of the page.




If you have forgotten your login credentials or just want to talk to our awesome customer support staff you can use the chat box in the bottom right of the SBO membership site. Click here to go chat!


If you have an account directly linked to a PayPal account make sure to cancel your recurring transaction in PayPal to avoid further billing. 


If you pay by credit card billing will stop as soon as you cancel your account.


Need more information? Click here to open a ticket. 

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