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Can you help me to get published on a popular blog?
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Ever thought about becoming a freelance writer?


Or maybe you’d just like to get a little exposure for your own blog by becoming a contributor to a big site with lots of readers?


Well, you certainly can, but there’s only one teensy-weensy problem:




As you might imagine, top blogs and online magazines receive dozens or even hundreds of pitches per week. If you’re a beginner, how are you supposed to break through all the noise and get published?


Well, that’s where we can help you.


We offer a certification program walking you step-by-step through the entire process. There are over 50 lessons, hours of video instruction, and fill in that blank templates to help you with your pitches.


As a student, you also receive an official profile to verify your enrollment in our program, which automatically makes it much easier to get the attention of editors. 


The bottom line?


No, you don’t need any of the training or the official profile to become a successful writer for online magazines and blogs, but they sure do help. For a concrete example, 


Watch this video and learn more about our self-study certification program. Jon will explain it all in detail.


If you are familiar with the program and are only looking for the order form you will find it here.  Guest Blogging Certification Program Order Form


Need more information? Click here to open a ticket. 

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