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What does the Content Marketing Certificatin include? print icon


Certification is a two-part process:


1. You need to receive a passing score on our comprehensive, rigorous exam that tests the concepts of content marketing, SEO, ranking factors and writing taught in the course. Each lesson includes an interactive quiz to help you prepare. We've provideed the questions and correct answers to the quizzes to help you study. The exam will be timed, and you will be able to retake the exam if you do not pass.


2. Passing the exam qualifies you for a high-level review by our editors of your first portfolio piece, a 3,000-word ultimate guide based on a content brief in the course. Our editors will be comparing your content agains a 10- point criteria checklist we've developed that defines the important factors in an excellent post. Note: This review does not include copyediting for grammar, word usage, style etc. We suggest you hire a copywriter from the list we provide if your writing skills need work.


Once you've passed the exam and had your ultimate guide approved, we'll create a writer profile for you on our certification website.

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