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What Guest Blogging Covers
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What Guest Blogging Covers

Guest Blogging is a masterclass in a single, powerful traffic strategy. It covers everything you could possibly want to know about guest blogging… and nothing else.

Module 1

Finding Your Ideal Audience

  • How to Ace This Program (Even If Your Knees Are Knocking)
  • What’s Your BIG Prize? – Assignment #1
  • How to Avoid the Huge Mistake Almost Everybody Makes
  • What’s Your Audience’s Deepest Wish? – Assignment #2
  • How to Find the Secret Hiding Place of Your Target Audience
  • Pick Your Popular Categories – Assignment #3

Module 2

Locating Your Target Blogs

  • How to Tell If a Blog is a Good Target in 30 Seconds or Less
  • Test Your Prospecting Skills – Assignment #1
  • The Sneaky Shortcut to Finding the Best Blogs to Target
  • Compile Your Guest Blogging “Hit List” – Assignment #2
  • How to Find Great Blogs Even We Don’t Know About Yet
  • Top Up Your Hit List – Assignment #3
  • How to Reveal the Most Valuable Blogs on Your Hit List
  • Lock onto Your Prime Targets – Assignment #4

Module 3

Crafting Your Killer Headlines

  • How to Discover Your Readers’ Secret Obsessions
  • What Keeps Your Readers Awake at Night? – Assignment #1
  • How to Generate More Ideas Than You’ll Ever Need
  • Make Your Reader’s Day – Assignment #2
  • The Secret to Writing Headlines Readers Can’t Ignore
  • How to Transform Your Headlines from Good to Great
  • Write Your Killer Headlines – Assignment #3
  • The Finishing Touch That Almost Guarantees Success

Module 4

Pitching Your Irresistible Ideas

  • How to Find Your Pitching Confidence
  • Discover Your Perfect Pitching Strategy
  • How to Pitch Blogs That Already Love Guest Bloggers
  • How to Pitch Blogs That Play “Hard to Get”
  • Determine Your Pitching Strategy – Assignment #1
  • How to Manage the Pitching Process Like a Pro
  • Prepare Your Perfect Pitch – Assignment #2
  • Send Your Pitch! – Assignment #3

Module 5

Writing Your Popular Posts

  • How to Pre-Program Your Posts to be Popular
  • Brainstorm Your Surprising Points – Assignment #1
  • How to Write Hypnotic Openings Readers Can’t Resist
  • Write Your Empathetic Opening – Assignment #2
  • How to Plan Your Post to Perfection
  • Create Your Optimal Outline – Assignment #3
  • How to Write Endings That Compel Readers to Take Action
  • Write Your Motivational Closing – Assignment #4
  • A Crash Course in Real-World Writing
  • Write Your Popular Post!

Module 6

Getting the Most from Every Post

  • How to Write an Author Bio That Gets Results
  • Write Your Blockbuster Bio – Assignment #1
  • How to Submit Your Post So It Gets Accepted First Time
  • What to do Once Your Post Goes Live
  • How to Find the Shortest Path to Your Prize
  • Pick Your Success Metric – Assignment #2

Module 7

Final Certification and Quiz

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