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Will this work for artists?

Blogging and guest blogging is tricky for visual artists. And here’s why: Blogging is counter intuitive to what you do as an artist.

Artists are familiar with showing their art in galleries to potential collectors. An art show or exhibition is an “event” by itself. But posting your art on your blog is a non-event in the blogging world. A lot of visual art also doesn’t display well online – reduce a large painting to a thumbnail photo, for example, and the power of the color, line and imagery is lost.

Artists tend to be reluctant to talk about their creative process and the emotions that inspire and inform their art. That’s why they create in the solitude of a studio. But that’s exactly what visitors want to read about – the stories behind the creation of the work, the internal process the artist experienced, the feelings and memories the art evoked. Because at the end of the day, people buy art because they experience an emotional connection to the work.

Artists who are successful blogging are able to flip the importance of art and stories and make the stories the centerpiece of their blog, with their art adding needed imagery to complete the story. If you’re comfortable writing and telling stories and using your art to complement your stories, then you have a good chance succeeding at blogging and guest blogging.

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