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What is Serious Bloggers Only?
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Serious Bloggers Only, our membership program, is a slower-paced, DIY program teaching you all the facets of building a blog with a library of 33 mini-courses, numerous case studies and masterclasses with experts. It doesn't include the hands-on help you get from our instructors in Freedom Machine.

There is little overlap between Freedom Machine and Serious Bloggers Only. We rely on some of the same concepts -- identifying your audience, researching popular blogs and topics, writing great posts, reaching out to influencers -- but in Freedom Machine we've accelerated the execution of those concepts with different techniques, like jumping on a high-speed train to the first leg of your destination.

In Freedom Machine we've also done hundreds of hours of research to identify the popular niches and blogs; created a new quick-start writing module on the five critical post content frameworks; streamlined the post writing, review and publishing process; templated writing effective, audience-focused About pages and bribes; and narrowed down your monetization options to the three most suited for solo bloggers.

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