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How Will a Certification in Guest Blogging from Smart Blogger Help Me? print icon

Great question!


In the world of blogging, there are many common mistakes that prevent a writer from succeeding. Because we teach guest blogging to our students in a manner that is respected by most editors, we can help you avoid those mistakes and open doors from the beginning.


We find that an increasing number of popular blogs are aware of our program and actively look forward to receiving pitches and articles from our students. We know this because of the feedback we receive from their editors. (We’re looking into collecting a few quotes from these editors to share in situations such as this!)

Is every editor our students might approach aware of the program?


No, not by a long stretch. We’re working to raise its profile. But to start with at least, we prefer our students’ work to speak for itself. Once a blog or online magazine has accepted a few posts from our students, we often try to establish a more formal relationship. (In fact, there are now a few blogs that only accept submissions from our students.)

Will an editor unfamiliar with the program give preferential treatment to a writer who holds our certification?


Impossible to know for sure. But from our own experiences of editing popular blogs, anything that builds a writer’s credibility will increase the chance we’ll take the pitch seriously. That could be an introduction from another writer, a quality article published elsewhere, or indeed something else that sets the writer apart from the masses, such as, yes, a certification.


Interestingly, we’ve also found that our certification gives our students more confidence when approaching popular sites - and confidence is a common obstacle to success in this area.


No qualification gives its recipient a guarantee of success in a particular field, but we believe that our certification does give new writers a real edge in a competitive market.



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