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Help! I am having problems with Quicksprout!
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The URL Is Not Returning Information


Unfortunately, we are finding that Quicksprout is finicky at times. We can follow the instructions and plug in the requested URL and everything returns fine, then follow the exact same instructions with the same URL and have nothing returned. The only solution we have found is using another browser or trying again at a later time. The issue is with Quicksprout. 


The GB Video is Out of Step With the Quicksprout Site


It looks like the interface has changed a little but the analyzer is still accessible from the front page. Here are some instructions...


1) Visit


2) In the text box under "Do you want more traffic? Get more traffic with recommendations for your blog" enter the URL (i.e. a web address such as of the blog you want to analyze and click "Yes, I want more traffic!" (If you get a popup "Would you like to improve your SEO score?" click "No I have enough traffic".)


3) Click the "Social Media Analysis" tab and wait for the analysis to complete. (If you get a popup asking if the site you are analyzing is your site, click "No".)



4) Scroll down to the "Page Level Results" section. These should be the results you need for the assignment.


Why Do I Need to Sign In to Google to Use Quicksprout?

Recently changes were made to the site that makes it mandatory you sign into your Google account to use Quicksprout. There are two work arounds for this if you would prefer not to use your own Google account.


1) Create a new Google account for Quicksprout only purposes


2) Use the alternative SocialCrawlytics. SocialCrawlytics has improved and may now be an equal alternative to Quicksprout.   


Need more information? Click here to open a ticket. 
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