Do you have testimonials from editors that have published students that took your guest blogging course?

These quotes haven't been cleared with the editors to use as public testimonials, but here are some quotes from the personal inbox of one of our editors:
"Thanks. I so appreciate receiving such powerful, insightful posts from your students!" - Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha.
"Thanks. I saw the outline from the guest blogging student after I checked your mail. It is very good... I really appreciate it!" - Sumitha Bhandarkar, A Fine Parent
"Yes, having Be A Better Blogger on your official list of targets sounds great. I'm a one-man team, so the idea of having periodic, high-quality posts to supplement my own is music to my ears. Plus, I love helping out new writers." - Kevin Duncan, Be a Better Blogger
Here's another quote, not sent to me personally but published by a blog editor in his introduction to a post from one of our students:
"I've got a very bold statement to make. Today's post on Location 180 is quite possibly the very best guest post I've ever hosted on the site." - Sean Ogle, Location 180 (now Location Rebel.)
The bottom line is the students that take our guest blogging course have the tools to get noticed!
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  • 06-Nov-2018