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How would you use the GBCC graduation badge? print icon
Mentioning your certification can give extra weight to your pitch and help set you apart from other writers. That said, choosing the right topic is paramount. Your graduation badge will not persuade an editor to accept a post that doesn't appeal to them.

In terms of how you might incorporate the badge in your pitch, once certified you could include the following paragraph at the bottom of your email:
Oh, and by the way, I'm not sure it matters, but I'm a graduate of the certification program at, which trains people to write for some of the biggest blogs in the world. I won't let you down! :-)

You'd link from the word "graduate" to your public profile on showing your graduate badge. The following video explains how to find the link to your profile:
Would it only work with the editors listed in the black book course?

It's likely to be more persuasive with those editors who are actively aware of our program, although it still provides extra credibility with those who don't. The knowledge base article we previously sent expands on this topic:
What is the success rate when using the badge opposed to not using the badge?

Unfortunately, we don't have the data to answer that question as we don't ask students to tell us what they include in their pitches. Also, since success is primarily dependent on the strength of the post idea, it's very difficult to gauge the impact of supporting factors like mentioning the graduation badge.

It's a little like asking the question: does wearing a smart suit give you an advantage in a job interview? Intuitively the answer is yes, because it should help you to make a strong first impression, but it won't compensate for a poor performance in the interview itself.
Ultimately, if you feel comfortable mentioning the badge, feel free to do so in your pitches. If you're uncertain, then exclude it. But if you follow the advice in the course, carefully selecting your topics, creating compelling headlines, and sending professional pitches, it shouldn't matter either way.


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